Infogeni Solutions

Infogeni is a supplier of leading edge operations management software to organisations throughout New Zealand. Established in 2001, Infogeni has benefited from over 12 years of ongoing development in the aged care environment and has a proven track record with its customers. By working closely with customers, Infogeni understands their unique business needs, the functionality required and what the next wave of enhancements are necessary. 

Specialising in Care, Operational and Systems Management, Infogeni streamlines the core business processes of organisations, helping them to Reduce Costs, Improve Efficiencies and Increase Revenue.

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ContinuCare is an aged care management software specifically designed to meet the challenging requirements of health care organisations.  With a focus on Care Management, Operational Management and Systems Management, ContinuCare streamlines the core business processes of aged care and in-home care organisations.                             

Secure Intelligence Limited provide world leading technology products and consultancy services to meet the intelligence and investigation requirements of government agencies and commercially sensitive corporations.                               

Modal provides good value data analysis for the Secure Intelligence and Investigation Database (SiD). Through the deployment of data visualisation tools, Modal gives users the flexibility and freedom to create charts from scratch, import data through a simple spread sheet interface and connect to web services.                              

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